It's Simple - Dentists Love CariVu

This transillumination caries detection device uses no ionizing radiation and allows you to see more than traditional diagnostic methods.

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Why CariVu?

  • Improve Diagnostic Certainty

    The innovative technology of the DEXIS CariVu gives you the ability to see more than is currently possible with traditional radiographs— meaning greater diagnostic certainty for you and your dental staff.

  • Safe, Non-Ionizing Solution

    CariVu is a great, non-ionizing solution for children, cancer survivors, pregnant women, or any patient that is X-ray averse.

  • Increase Patient Acceptance

    By hugging the tooth and bathing it in safe, near-infrared light, CariVu images are easy to read and understand. Since tooth enamel appears transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb the light, patients can easily see and agree with their diagnosis.

  • Easy Workflow Integration

    Images captured by CariVu are easily saved directly to your patient’s chart in the DEXIS software platform. All CariVu purchases also come with free, in-person training for your staff to show how easily this dental tool is to use and can be added to your practice’s workflow.

  • Differentiate Your Practice

    Set your practice apart from the rest by integrating this fast, cutting-edge, innovative technology into your practice.

Video Testimonials

See what dental practitioners across the country are saying about their favorite caries detection device— DEXIS CariVu.

Dr. Cynthia Brattesani

" I am able to pick up my CariVu and in an instant tell [my patients], without any ionizing radiation, that I can look into their tooth. And I can tell you, that speaks volumes to patients. "

Dr. Lou Graham

" Before we do every restorative procedure, we CariVu it. I can now see through the tooth and know whether I’m going to encounter a surprise. "

Dr. John Flucke

" As you use [CariVu] you can see things you couldn't see before - cracks, caries around restoration, caries under restorations - you can see a lot more with it. "

CariVu in Action

A Visual Story 1 of 4

Using this radiograph, what do you see?

Looks like a healthy set of teeth with a couple of intact restorations. You may just send this patient home with a sticker and a new toothbrush.

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CariVu in Action

A Visual Story 2 of 4

Further examination with a DEXIS CariVu shows a different story. Using transillumination technology, now you can see "through" the tooth and expose the interproximal caries on the mesial of tooth #14.

Next Slide | Diagnosis is confirmed after opening the tooth

CariVu in Action

A Visual Story 3 of 4

Upon opening the tooth, the intraoral photo confirms what was apparent on the CariVu image. The caries is exposed!.

Catching this decay early with CariVu has led to prompt treatment and a positive end result.

Next Slide | See the brilliant, final result

CariVu in Action

A Visual Story 4 of 4

Your best "second opinion" to any radiograph is CariVu.

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